English-Lang. Arts


Team Defender – Grade 7

Mrs. Minuto


Welcome to Team Defender and the seventh grade! During this class, instruction in reading and writing will be delivered via the workshop model. Students will be explicitly taught skills and strategies during minilessons and then given opportunities to practice these independently. Through strategy groups as well as one-on-one reading and writing conferences, students’ individual needs will be met. Throughout the year students will develop a repertoire of strategies as they become more proficient independent readers and writers.

Reading Workshop Expectations: Students will participate in nightly independent reading, track their reading in the form of a reading log, and keep a reader’s notebook. A reader’s notebook is a place for students to use writing to deepen their thinking and make sense of the books they are reading. They will set goals for themselves and keep track of their progress towards meeting these goals. Students are expected to be prepared to discuss books with the classroom teacher, reading partners and book clubs.

Writing Workshop Expectations: During writing workshop, students are expected to keep a writer’s notebook specifically for the rehearsal stage of the writing process. In this stage, depending on the unit of study, they may be conducting research or planning how their piece of writing will go. The notebook will also house students’ writing goals. The drafting, revising and editing stages of the writing process will most often be conducted digitally.  



  • 2 – Two pocket folders (preferably blue and red)
  • One marble composition book
  • One spiral bound notebook
  • One package of colored pencils
  • Black or blue pens
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Post – its


The Door Is Always Open to Students and Parents!

Students at Curtis Corner Middle School are highly encouraged to speak to their teachers when they have concerns or feel they need extra help. It is my sincere hope that students feel they can trust and approach me with their comments and concerns.  I invite parents to contact me with questions, concerns or comments as well.

I am looking forward to working with each of you this school year!