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       Hello!  My name is Mr. Towle and I will post info here on an as needed basis, so check in every week.  Parents, this webpage is mostly for you.  Your child should be recording their homework and assignments in their planner as that is the best practice for a responsible student. However, kids will forget (I might even forget) and the work for the week will be on the team homework page.  This is subject to change, just like the rest of life!  ;)
      If you need to reach me with any questions or concerns feel free to email me at


The 50 States

This is a link to an online text.  You may enjoy this for further reading.  It has some awesome photos for each time period.
 Grade breakdown:
1.  Minor assessments 40%
2.  Major assessments 60%

        B.  Guidelines and expectations:
1.  If you have a question, raise your hand and ask!  
2.  If you complete all your homework, you will pass!  You can not fail.
3.  I am after school every day except Friday.  Stop by if you want extra help studying, especially if we have a test the next day.
4.   Text books must be covered with a paper bag.  If you don’t know how to cover a book tell me and we will take care of the book.

             C.  Directions for accessing the American Journey text book on line.                     This can also be downloaded to a kindle.
                Step # 1. 
                Step # 2.       Click on “Secondary Education”
                Step # 3        Click on “Social Studies”     (yeah baby!)
                Step #4 Click on “Online Student Editions”
                Step # 5        Click on “RI”
                Step #6 Enter User name:  AJ
                        And Password:  d2uu2aphew
                        (These are case sensitive, so pay attention.)
                Step #7 Click on “Table of Contents” and find the required chapter                                 and section.
                Step # 8        Book mark this page as a favorite so you don’t have to do this all over again!

                -Or directly to

                -Computer issues are not valid excuses for not getting the homework done properly and on time.  I suggest that you continue to use your                 texts in the traditional sense until you are comfortable with your computer.

                -Directly above the page is a place where you can enlarge the page for easier online or Kindle reading enjoyment!