English-Lang. Arts

"All the World's a stage,
And all the men and women
merely players."

--William Shakespeare

Dear Intrepid Students and Parents,

Welcome to the third quarter!

I want to take this opportunity to clarify a few things...

  • We are currently engaged in a reading unit entitled Approaching the  Classics Though Close Reading, Drama and Performance. We will be using  A Mid Summer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare as  our mentor text.
  • Students will be engaged in researching the Elizabethan Era, the Globe theater, Shakespeare's life and influence.
  • Students will be reading and acting out scenes from the play within a drama workshop setting.
  • Students are expected to read nightly and log that reading. Every week logs will be collected and graded as a minor assessment (40%) and may not be submitted after the due date.
  • Any work that is not finished during class is expected to be completed for the next ELA class.
  • Finally, I am available for after school help on Mondays (or Tuesdays in the event of a holiday).

Week in Review:
3/20:  Play at Trinity
3/21:  Quiz on "A Mid Summer Night's Dream"
3/22:  Reading day
3/23:  What is a Classic? classroom activity
3/24:  Update a scene from "A Mid Summer Night's Dream" (may work in small group or as an individual)

Due date for updated scene: Monday, 3/27

Week in Review:  Homework: Read nightly for 30 minutes and log.
3/27:  Reading day
3:/28: Share updated scenes from "A Mid Summer Night's Dream"
3/29: Read NY Times article/practice "flip and jot" strategy
3/30: Read aloud : The Test  and discuss the story using the debate protocol
3/31: Day of health and wellness. Reading logs due Friday.