Welcome to Physical Science with Mrs. Hoddersen

This site will be used to share general information about our science class. I will post an overview of the week's topics along with weekly homework. This overview may change with the class pacing. Parents are advised to review your child's planner for the most current agenda of assignments. Tests and projects will be announced in advance and dates will be posted.

Contact Info:
Parents please contact me at with any questions or concerns. I am usually available to stay after school for extra help with one day's notice. I encourage students to stay after to make up a missed class, lab, or are in need of a binder clean out!


TEXTBOOK (will stay in the classroom)
1 or 1 1/2 inch binder with paper
Color Pencils (to stay at home)
WRITING INSTRUMENT (pen and pencil)
1 package of dividers (8)
Notebook paper

Week of May 22- May 26

Monday-  Physics in Sports Posters
Homework- poster due Thursday

Tuesday- Motion and Speed  
Homework- poster due Thursday

Wednesday- Calculating Speed and Velocity problems
Homework- poster due Thursday

Thursday- Calculating Acceleration
Homework- none

Friday-Newton's 2nd Law of Motion
Homework- Test next Friday