CCMS Profile

Image of the school building

Our Mission

The mission of Curtis Corner Middle School is to develop the whole child in a safe learning environment.  We will:

  • Provide opportunities to develop students academically, socially, emotionally and physically

  • Partner with families and community

  • Provide a challenging standards-based curriculum

  • Provide clear expectations and responsibilities

Curtis Corner Middle School is a middle-level school supporting grades seven and eight, with approximately 525 students. The staff consists of 2 administrators, 40 teachers, and 15 support staff including a Dean of Students and School Resource Officer.

Curtis Corner is dedicated to providing a rigorous education that meets the individual needs of our students in a personalized learning environment.   Our school community is committed to team-based, looping with our students.  This means that students placed on a team, share the same core teachers for seventh and eighth grade. Teachers meet collaboratively to share best practices, make data-driven decisions and work toward mutually agreed-upon goals.

We are located in Wakefield, an Atlantic seacoast town with an area of 63 square miles and a population of 28,000.