National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society is an organization that recognizes 5 ideals: citizenship, character, leadership, scholarship and service.  Students must participate in activities that show evidence of these criteria. Though some activities may be listed in both Citizenship/Service and Leadership, students may count them in one category only.  The following is a brief description of each quality:
Citizenship/Service: Students must show involvement in the community, without monetary compensation or recognition.  If the candidate does not list one of these examples, please contact the NJHS Faculty Advisor to have the activity reviewed.

Citizenship:  Students need to participate in two activities.  

Service:  All students must complete 15 hours of volunteer work.

Citizenship Examples:   

  • School Sponsored:   Interscholastic Sports, Sports Team Manager, Jazz Band, Stage Band, Vivace, All State Music, Drama Club, Yearbook, Student Council, Intramurals, SMART, SMILE, etc.

  • Boy/Girl Scouts

  • Clubs sponsored outside of school

  • Community dance or drama

  • Non-paid babysitting or tutoring of non-family membeReligious-sponsored
  • ed civic activities

  • Volunteer groups

Service Examples:

  • Boy/Girl Scouts service projects

  • Service done with school clubs/groups

  • Service done for community groups

  • Helping teachers in their classrooms

  • Non-paid babysitting or tutoring of non-family member

  • Religious-sponsored civic activities

  • Volunteer groups

  • CCMS Clean Up

  • Play music for/visit senior citizens or nursing home residents

  • Participate in the organization of fundraisers

  • Play in the orchestra, band, etc. for school events

  • Collect food donations for a local charity

  • Collect clothes, blankets, shoes, jackets, toiletries etc. for the homeless.

  • Collecting school supplies for children & women who are in need at women’s shelters.

  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter, retirement home or church

  • Create get well cards for children in the hospital

  • Write thank-you notes/cards to military

  • Help neighbor with yard work


Leadership: Students need to show that they have guided a group of students or another individual. Also acceptable are demonstrations of how you take a leadership role by setting a good example, encouraging others to follow a good path, etc.  The activity can happen periodically or it may just occur on one occasion.  If the candidate does not list one of these examples, please contact the NJHS Faculty Advisor to have the activity reviewed.


  • Officer of any group, club, or committee

  • Patrol leader in scouts, Boy Scout/Girl Scout events that lead younger troops 

  • Captain of a sports team for the season

  • Editor of yearbook

  • Active leadership role in a class/peer tutoring verified by the teacher of the class 

  • Taking on a “teacher-like” role in events in or outside of school; all unpaid (i.e. teaching a Sunday school class, teacher assistant in school, dance assistant, swim instructor, etc.)

  • Section leader in band, chorus, or orchestra, All State Music


Scholarship:  Students must maintain an A- or higher in all classes, but will be allowed to earn only one grade of no lower than a B- in any one class for any one quarter. Students will be eligible if they have no more than two B's (total) for quarters 1, 2, and 3. In classes that are graded with U or S, only S is allowed.  These requirements are the same for new and returning members.

: NJHS students should follow the code of behavior in the school setting. Character includes traits of honesty, fairness, courtesy, tolerance, cooperation, striving daily to make the right choice.  Disciplinary referrals can be grounds for dismissal from the organization and are determined at the discretion of CCMS administration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can you use the same activity for Citizenship and Leadership?

    • No, the candidate may not use the same activity for more than one category.

  1. Do all categories need to be completed?

    • Yes. In order for the candidate's application to be considered complete, he or she must properly address each category; Community Service Hours (15 hours), Leadership, and Citizenship (2 Activities).

  1. Do all entries need to be from this school year?

    • Yes, entries from summer (July and August) and the current school year only are accepted.

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